Sunday, May 17, 2009

Picnic Quilt

I am madly working on a picnic quilt. After seeing Katy's lovely quilt and Sarah has started one too, I had to jump on board also.

I really have these dreams of putting the finished quilt in my cute bike basket (still need to buy one) and going for a wonderful bike ride. Then I will stop along the river where it is beautiful, and set up shop. I will lay out my pretty quilt, get out some lemonade and sandwiches and some hand sewing or quilt books to read. I will sit there all day and then when I’ve had just enough of the lovely summer bliss, I will pack up my blanket etc. and ride my bike back home...

Ahh won't that be nice? Here is the quilt so far.

The (fuzzy) plan.

Picnic quilt plan

The fun summer fabric for the middle of the big blocks.

Picnic quilt in progress

The string blocks that will alternate.

Picnic quilt in progress

Picnic quilt in progress

Can't wait!