Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sarah the Applique Queen!

I've been obsessed with the appliqued blocks in the Dear Jane quilt. I basted all three of these blocks on Saturday. I worked on C-6 on that day, and finished it on Sunday. I also started and finished G-1 and G-3 on the same day. I have two more basted and ready to go.

G-1 Hattie's Hen House (03/22/09)

G-1 Hattie's Hen House (03/22/09)

I love this newspaper fabric!

C-6 Ashley's Aura (03/22/09)

C-6 Ashley's Aura (03/22/09)

G-3 Four Leaf Clover (03/22/09)

G-3 Four Leaf Clover (03/22/09)

There's nothing like a lazy Sunday in your jammies, doing hand applique, and watching Season 3 of Veronica Mars. Another current obsession.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've been Interviewed!

My interview has been posted on Carina's craftblog . And while you're there, check out Carina's whole blog. She's an amazing artist and crochet queen! Such colourful and wonderful things!

I've been inteviewed!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Exciting News!

I have some rather exciting news. I've been interviewed by Carina's craftblog and it's being posted tomorrow (Saturday). I'm very flattered that she asked me to do it! So check it out, I might give out some dirty little secrets, or not. You'll have to go on over there to find out!

In celebration of that, I thought it might be about time to update my etsy shop, and add some more crochet roll ups. This batch is freshly made with bright fabrics! These ones are definitely up my alley!

Here's a little taste of them...

Crochet Roll Up - Green Rainbow

Crochet Roll Up - Jelly Beans

Hope on over to My Shop to check out the rest! And as always I do custom orders. I'm also working on some Quilting Patterns!

Stay tuned next post, for some quilting updates. I've made a few things, send some in the mail...and I need to get my butt in gear and work on the Doll Quilt Swap 6. I’ve gotta set an example since I'm a Swap Mama. I promise you that although I haven't done anything but photocopy my paper- piecing patterns, I am processing and thinking about the idea.

Note: I've posted these pictures smaller than I have been previously doing, I'm not sure which size I like. Which size do you like best? Please help me decide by leaving me a comment.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Doll Quilt Roundup

So things just got started this week with Doll Quilt Swap 6, but there are already a ton of ideas flying around (not to mention tons of fabrics too).

Coffee Shop has started sketching ideas. It's looking great already!
Applique Ideas

Quilting Barbie has posted a sneak peak..ooh let's look! I love the colourful flowered fabric!
DQS6 Sneak Peek

And some people have posted some mosaics of their favorite doll quilts for inspiration and so their stalkers..I mean partners can get to know them better. I'm noticing lots of birds and houses.

Quilting Barbie I see the one I made there. Thanks Barb!
My Favorites!

Doll Quilt Loves <3

Some Faves

Quilty Inspiration

spinster sister
A Little Doll Quilt Inspiration

katias_stitchin has also shared a quilt received in Doll Quilt Swap 3. Very pretty!

Great quilt received in DQS3

I've started thinking about my idea. I thought I was sure I knew what I wanted to do, but then I started to think of another type of quilt to make. I'm still trying to decide, but I'm hoping to get going tonight. I keep checking my person's favorites, hoping something new will show up. Don't forget to keep your favs up to date. I've also gone in and removed some of mine that don't do it for me anymore.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Jane

Two more blocks done. I started and finished the red one on Monday evening and worked on the green one last night and finished it tonight.

L-7 Town Square (03/02/09)

L-7 Town Square (03/02/09)

L-1 Widow's Pane (03/04/09)

L-1 Widow's Pane (03/04/09)

I've got my partner for the Doll Quilt Swap 6. I'm excited to get going. I have an idea but am still stalking my partner to make sure it's a good choice for him/her.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Jane, Jane, Jane

Not much to say. I've made two more blocks. And a whole other quilt but I need some daylight to get a decent photo. Might be the weekend before I can get one. In the mean time...here are my two blocks.

K-12 Doris's Dilemma (03/01/09)

K-12 Doris's Dilemma (03/01/09)

C-1 Trooper Green's Badge (03/01/09)

C-1 Trooper Green's Badge (03/01/09)