Sunday, April 23, 2006

A month of finishing

I've started a new blog. I lost interest with my livejournal, and my craft productivity was going down. I think posting and maintaining a blog keeps me creating and inspired. After all, by sewing, crafting and creating, we have things to post about on our blogs. This past week I decided that the joy of starting new projects is hindered by the guilt I feel for others I’ve set aside and forgotten. Hence "a month of finishing". My plan for the next month (or two) is to refrain from starting new projects and buying new supplies (this part inspired by simple sparrow) and instead focus my efforts on finishing those pieces I have set aside. I’ve gone through some of the unfinished bits, and tried to pull out those I actually want complete. There are some misguided attempts that may sit aside a bit longer. A few things I have completed in the last few weeks are this blue bird original rug hooking design, as well as a small art quilt that has been staring at me from the bulletin board for a few months.

The next project is this wall hanging for above our bed, it brings together all the colours of the bedding, pillows and such. And I hope will add some cosiness to our room.

The original plan was to machine quilt it, but after a few failed attempts (it getting all bunchy and such) I have decided that hand quilting will be much more pretty and add more puckery dimension (ooh I love the pucker) as well as that handmade charm. I had a heck of a time trying to get a decent picture, so hopefully when it is done, I can take one that will do it justice. :)

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