Saturday, November 15, 2008

October Swap Round-Up

I have just received my the last quilt to finish up October swaps.

Swap Till You Drop October ~ Theme: Halloween
Sent to upstatelisa

Swap-till-you-drop Oct Made for upstatelisa

Received from upstatelisa

Swap Till You Drop October Received from upstatelisa

6"-12" mini quilt trading swap October ~ Theme: Out of the Box (nothing square or rectangle shaped)
Sent to WendyWTN

October Minis

Received from WendyWTN

6"-12" mini quilt trading swap received from WendyWTN

The month of October was really fun to work on. Since then, as you know I've completed my quiltie for Doll Quilt Swap. I will post more about that when I do the Sent ~ Received roundup.

For November I am only in the Swap Till You Drop 2 colour swap. I have already received mine from tlhcrawford very fun blue and white 30's prints, but she hasn't received mine yet. When she does I'll write more about it.

I've also joined the Mini Quilt in A Bag swap. What you do is fill a ziploc with fabrics and trims and send it to your partner. They take what you've sent them, and maybe add a bit, and make you a little quilt using your fabrics and send you the finished product. The good news is the deadline is January 26th, which won't be hard to remember because it's year 1 wedding anniversary. And it means I can get Christmas gifts done first. It will be fun to see what Kathleen does with this...

Mini Quilt In a Bag Sent

Till next time. I haven't forgot about my Christmas gift post, I'm waiting till I have more to show.


Karen said...

Cute halloween quilts. The fabric is great.

Sarah said...