Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Jane

I'm starting to work faster on Jane. I think it's cause I've finished some projects. I still have one more swap to go, and a baby quilt to make. Thanks to Helen, I have pattern I'm going to use. Or at least a look, i will be resizing the blocks as they are too huge for a baby quilt.

K-7 Rose of Sharing (04/26/09)

K-7 Rose of Sharing

F-4 OId Windmill (04/26/09)

F-4 OId Windmill (04/26/09)

L-4 St. George's Cross (04/26/09)

L-4 St. George's Cross (04/26/09)

H-7 Bennington Star (04/29/09)

H-7 Bennington Star (04/29/09)

I have one block ready to hand stitch too.


LauraJ said...

ooh I think I have the fabric of K7! It's going in my red and pink quilt. Someday. Did you ever finish your House Home and Pantry quilt? I got stuck in a rut.

Sarah said...

i like that pink one too! im really waiting to see your pink and red quilt. i didn't do house home and pantry. but i would like to do tonya's next group like that (not sure when or how to sign up)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Beautifully made!

Lindsey said...

Any chance you could give us a few tips on how you get such precision in your piecing? Do you starch before you cut or use tons of pins or...what? It's all so's really the standard to which I aspire....thanks. Lindsey

Helen said...

Sarah, that other quilt is soooooo easy to make I think you could whip up the top in a day and then be back on Jane the next. Looking good. :)

byneedleandthread said...

Helen, I made it complicated. I sent you the photo by email.

Lindsey, i started replying here but it got super long. so i have also sent you an email.

Jackie said...

Your blocks are wonderful! You're piecing is very precise!

aneela said...

Love love love all these blocks, so prettily perfect!!!