Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FYI This is my 50th Post.

I’ve been sewing away working on Quilting Bee blocks. I’m in two groups. Ten Make Two. Which started in June. In this group each person is assigned a month. On their month they let the group know what type of blocks they want. We use our own fabrics to make two 15.5 inch blocks in the given theme.

These two are for June: Shanna’s Pink Trees.

Block 1
Pink Trees 1 for Shanna - June

Block 2
Pink Trees 2 for Shanna - June

These are for July: Louise’s Bento Boxes in Pink and Orange.

Bento 1
Bento Box 1 for Louise - July

Bento 2
Bento Box 2 for Louise - July

The other group I joined in March. It is Another Quilting Bee 1. In this group we use the fabrics sent to us, and make the requested block. I had my month already. It was in April. Stay tuned for the awesome quilt made from the blocks from these wonderful ladies! Very cool. I haven’t put them together yet, but once you see the blocks, there’s no way the quilt won’t turn out awesome!

This block is for AQB1 June. Jessica send each person some solid black and a mix of one colour of fabrics. I got green. She said “anything goes”. Check out those peas...Too cute!

Jessica's June block

This basket is for AQB1 July. Barbara sent out a mix of greens,one white, and one floral. Barbara also said “anything goes”.

A Basket for Barbara - July

On the topic of Swaps. There is excitement brewing for the DQS7 that has started over on Flickr. It’s a great swap. Amazing participants! And it’s all secret! So you won’t know who’s making your quilt until you get it in the mail...very mysterious and very fun.

If you’re a Flickr person, and you like to quilt, go sign up! You won’t be disappointed. Sign-up closes this weekend. So hurry over there!!!

These are the quilts I made for DQS5
DQS5 Done, Washed, and On It's Way!

and DQS6.
Doll Quilt Swap 6 Twins

What will I make this time?? Not sure, but if you sign up, it could be coming to you!

I’m a swap mama again this time. So behave yourselves and get your quilt done in time!!


jmbmommy said...

hey there! I love your Doll quilts...such flair!! Your blocks all look so cool too. I love those pink trees...and of course the one coming my way!!

Barbie said...

So excited for another round of the Doll Quilt Swap. I think that the quilts you made for DQS 5&6 are my absolute favourites! I can't wait to see what you make this round.

Helen said...

That little house on the pink tree's is just too cute!

upstateLisa said...

great blocks!!!!!!!!!!

Louise said...

Thanks so much for my gorgeous blocks. I love that they are so bright compared to some of the others - gives it a really good mix! I'm so excited to be doing another doll quilt swap too - it's always so incredibly inspiring. Yours are amazing!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

what great colors!! stumbled onto your flikr photostream today. your colors in this ny beauty inspired me. thanks!!