Monday, July 26, 2010

Improv(e) your Butt Challenge!

Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio has thrown out a challenge to all the quilters out there. It is called Improv(e) Your Butt Challenge. Basically it's meant to get us crafters (who spend lots of time on our butts sewing) up and moving around. The goal is to log our miles on this website and see if we can collectively make it across the US. I'm not from the US but I'll gladly walk across it to get fit and make a fun quilt!

The fun part of all this is for every mile that we log, we get one piece of fabric to use for our improv project. This is a fantastic idea. I've been trying to figure out a quilting/exercise thing for a while and here it is. And I always seem to do better when there is group motivation!

I’ve decided to use scraps or cut fabric but nothing bigger than a 6 inch square. They can then be sub-cut depending on what block I'm trying to make. I'm going to take my personal challenge up a notch because I am in major need of some extra motivation! (Because I’ve been doing zero exercise.) I fell off the wagon big time! and because this 6 month project will end exactly on our 3rd wedding anniversary (January 26th, 2011). And wouldn't it be fun to fit into that dress again...(i don't need to wear it, just want to be that size!)

This means in addition to the 1 piece per mile, I will also be rewarding myself:

1 piece for every day I stay on track with my food plan (this is key for me to see results)
1 piece for every time I do my weight routine

That’s a potential extra 10 pieces per week! I won't be logging these ones on the mile tracker but will keep track here on the sidebar somewhere.

We'll be sharing our quilts over on the Project Improv flickr group.

Wanna join in the fun? Go see Jacquie to find out how to join the team!

Improv(E) Your Butt Button

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jacquie said...

i love that extra reward and a food plan is a great idea too...maybe we should be sharing some healthy recipes?