Monday, March 07, 2011

Applique, I missed you

This past weekend I went to my Annual crafty retreat. As always, I brought too many projects. I did bring less than last year though.

Mostly I started and finished the applique blocks for Tia in our Bee FF group. It was fun.

Bee FF February Block 1 for Tia

The red bird is from the Piece O' Cake book Applique Outside the Lines. Love them and their books!!!

Bee FF February Block 1 for Tia

I tried to draw a bird and it looked like an Easter peep. Then I found this bird in the book but facing the other way. This prompted a whole group giggle fit, when my friend Chantale innocently suggested 'just flip the bird'. Hehehehe. Yes we are 8 years old. :P

Bee FF February Block 2 for Tia

The venus fly trap was a midnight suggestion that was still fun in the morning so I went with it. Sleep deprivation and quilting is fun. Just stay away from the rotary cutter!

Bee FF February Block 2 for Tia

I love handwork. All those tiny stitches. Fun, fun!

Bee FF February Block 2 for Tia

I am thinking of getting out the applique project that I put aways a while ago.


starflower said...
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starflower said...

So cute! Love the venus fly trap. Someday I will do applique...

the Campfollower said...

Sarah, your blocks are brilliant. I love them both!

Jaimee said...

oh my gosh Sarah, so beautiful!!

Natalie Servant said...

you crazy multitalented lady you!

Samantha said...

LOVE the venus fly trap :-)