Friday, October 14, 2011

Road to Rhinebeck

This time last year I was a Rhinebeck Newbie and had no idea of the wonders I was about to see, and famous (knitting) people I would meet. It was awesome. So much so, that I only took two photos. You may remember...

Louise and I meeting Ysolda!
Me, Ysolda Teague, and Louise


The chicken pot pie. (Sadly they will not be there this year)
Rhinebeck Chicken Pot Pie

I can't make any promises but, maybe this year I'll take a few more photos. Or I'll be so caught up in everything and not. We will see.

Have a great weekend friends! It's going to be a great one!!!! I'm so excited that I can hardly wait to get there!!! I'm hoping for cool-ish weather so we can all wear our fab knitwear! Fingers crossed!

Lots of !!! sorry. :P

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