Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I promised you a knitting update

Hi friends,

Ok so I promised a knitting update and there will be knitting in this post. Not the knitting I had planned to show, and really this knitting makes me feel boring. But it will be here I promise. And if I can ever find some more energy to weave ends and go take some decent photos, there will be a lot more for you to see.

First though, I wanted to talk about hooping. I just bought a hoop! You are probably thinking that hooping is only for kids, but not true. It is super fun and while it does reinforce the fact that I am 1. Clumsy, 2. Rhythm Challenged, 3. Rhythm Challenged. It is really fun and a workout at the same time!

In order to not destroy the pixie travel hoop that I purchased from Pixie Hoops in Vancouver (Yay Canada!), I have devised a rather high tech way of protecting it from the wood floor. Blankets!  

hooping on hardwood

I will go outside at some point. But I'd like to have a bit of skill before that happens. Being an adult hula hooping would draw enough attention, without the fact that I am currently pretty awful at it. I'm hoping that the hooping will help me with some much needed trimming down. Also started walking. My current loop is about 6.5km.

On to knitting...


While these aren't my usual knitting, and I feel like I should be knitting them in secret as not to destroy my knitting street cred (if there is such a thing). I am enjoying working on these between projects, and they are perfect for tv watching. I started these because our current cloths look terrible and we don't have a dishwasher, so they get a lot of use. We were also starting to watch Dexter which I had never seen and it was creeping me out a bit. These provided that little bit of distraction. Now of course I'm addicted to Dexter and the fact that he kills people doesn't bother me at all. It would bother me if he was a real person.

The top cloths are from PDX Knitterati. It was actually an afghan square. I've been playing around with the striping. Also I've tried making some that start at the tip and work bigger in order to use up teeny scraps.

The bottom one is the standard granny dishcloth from here.

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