Monday, May 08, 2006


Although my attempt at the first stitch of the day on my sewing machine resulted in this...


...I got a lot accomplished this weekend (or should I say Sunday, because I spent most of Saturday with my Brownie troop). I ended up taking apart all of the block groupings that I had from my earlier projects and redesigned it to look like this...

quilt in progress

I'm quite pleased with how it is turning out. The missing spaces will be turquoise blocks (need more) and that is really all I have left to do. Well..aside from deciding on the colour to use for the strips in between the groupings and of course assembling the whole thing. I'm not sure which colour at all to use for strips. If I knew the sex of the baby I would probably use that as the colour but they are waiting until the birth to find out. I was thinking maybe black and white prints, but also thinking that may be a tad busy. I could go solid black?? I'm really not sure. I think I'll assemble the groupings and then I can throw them on top of various pieces of fabric to audition them.


Sarah said...

I think white strips would look good. They'd keep the colours looking fresh and bright. Or maybe a white with polka dots that pick up one or more of the colours in your blocks.

Although with a baby quilt I guess white would be more dificult to keep clean.

Alexia said...

ha! that is the funniest!
that is the most interestingly bent needle I've ever seen!! ha
the baby quilt is adorable!