Sunday, May 21, 2006

a day well spent

kitty's approval

I spent a better part of today working on the baby quilt fror Shawn's friend's upcoming baby. I believe that the true tester of a quilt's quality and beauty is the kitty. The second I finished the quilt top and checked that the batting fit, I set it to the side and there was Stewie giving it the seal of approval. Better pictures to come. I hope to do the quilting tomorrow.

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monkey said...

Hi Sarah! I found your new blog and am enjoying watching your creations grow :) It's been a long time since we spoke, I'm Tania from Manusmade. I haven't been doing too much with the business recently, we moved out to the country and are focusing on making our new place homey. However, my friend and I are going to host an Artisan and Creativity fair at my house at the end of August, and I'd love for you to participate! You can email me at taniaATmanusmadeDOTcom for more info. It would be wonderful if you could come and sell some wares! If you have anyone else you know that would want to sell some crafty stuff, let me know that too. Talk to you soon!