Friday, September 01, 2006

WIP Friday


I'm really disappointed in my lack of posts. As it is Friday though, I thought I should post a WIP. since I have mostly WIP's. Tell me crafty ladies, how do you stay motivated to see something to completion? I just want to start projects. Too bad I couldn't teach the cat to sew, I need an assistant to do the finishing.

Note: My job is super busy right now and this week is just the beginning of extreme busyness. So I apologize in advance for not being in the computer mood when I get home from using it all day at work. :S


computerpeach said...

my main way of staying focused is having a small monthly goal that is published on my blog. I also have a not-so-small list of ongoing projects on my blog. This keeps me on track to what needs to be done with each project. I can not work on one project at a time or I get bored easily.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

LOL! I'm the same exact way!

Gotta love ADD crafters! lol!