Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back on the Jane Train

I rhymed!

I'm planning a Dear Jane weekend with my online buddies Upstatelisa and Fanny Fairbanks. It will be the weekend of September 19th if everyone's life cooperates. We haven't planned out all of the details yet, but we will spend the weekend working on our Jane quilts. Each of us in our own homes...haha. So an at-home retreat of sorts. We will try to mass produce Jane blocks like crazy, and compare notes. Probably on twitter or something throughout the weekend, and post results on Monday? If any other Jane-ers out there want to play along. Just let me know.

I have already started a list of blocks to make that weekend. I'm aiming for the instant gratification ones. Gotta win the competition!!! Oh wait, it's not a contest...

In the mean time, I've finished some blocks that I had started a while ago. The hand applique was done, all I needed was to machine sew the pieces together.

I give you...

J-3 Rick's Volleyball Net (08/23/09)
J-3  Rick's Volleyball Net (08/23/09)
Love Paris! Never been, but I'm open to free trips there! :)

M-13 Lynette's Diamond (08/23/09)
M-13 Lynette's Diamond (08/23/09)

E-2 Merry May (08/23/09)
E-2 Merry May (08/23/09)
Check out the awesome frog fabric!

I-1 Ralph & Nelda's Wedding (08/22/09)
I-1 Ralph & Nelda's Wedding (08/22/09)

Till next time, take care!


Diva Quilts said...

Love that bright, fresh, green and white! :)

Lynn said...

Oooh, a Jane retreat sounds so nice, but I'm busy that day! I hope you get a lot done though! I am currently about 30 blocks behind... I have a lot of catching up to do!

Jilly's Space said...

Your blocks are turning out great and that frog fabric!! Too cute.
You weekend retreat sounds like a great idea, good motivator for you to get more blocks done. You have taken on quite a challenge!! How many blocks in the quilt again? I remember thinking "wow" when you showed me the picture of it.

Helen said...

An at home quilting retreat! Sounds perfect!!! I can't wait to see this quilt done, the colours are great. :)

byneedleandthread said...

Thanks so much ladies!

The Rabbit Factory said...

Great blocks!

Di~ said...

Sarah! Congratulations on winning over at Anina's. You and I were the two who identified the fabrics correctly, she drew your name! Shucks for me huh...:)

RETRO-fabulous said...

LOVE that green Eiffel tower fabric!!! =)