Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Yippee! I won!

Not the lotto, but something equally as good!

Anina the that quilt queen was having a a scrap giveaway on her twiddletails blog. Beautiful scraps! The only catch was that you had to name all of the fabrics. I was up for the challenge. She sells all these fabrics in her shop, so I carefully scoured here shop, and found all the names. There was only one that she didn't have there, lucky me I had some in my stash. But I wasn't home. So I checked my email receipt from the shop where I bought it, and low and behold, the name was there.

Hard work pays off!

Check out what I won! here

I am so happy!


jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Oh that is too funny and way cool! Congrats! If you're feeling lucky you should come over and see my new home on the web, Anina sponsored a give away! It's fabulous! ooxx`jodi

Helen said...

Well done Sarah!!! Excellent win! That tricky one is actually the only one I DO have in my stash! LOL

The Rabbit Factory said...

You have great detective skills! Lucky you!