Saturday, December 05, 2009

I Quilted!

For a while there I thought my quilting mojo had vanished. Thank goodness it didn't. Nothing like a deadline to get you out of a funk.


This quilt is for my friend Tanya's new baby boy. He is due December 19th, and I am giving it to her today at a Christmas Potluck (Surprise shower)!


My procrastination is still working well. I quilted it thursday night and last night i added a bit more quilting and started to hand sew the binding. Up at 6:30am this morning to finish it. In the washing machine at 8:00am, dryer at 8:30. And now at 10:08am it's all folded and ready to go. My other friend Chantale is picking me up at 10:30am.

Nothing like a deadline to get me going!

Oh and I used my new labels for the first time. Love them! Good thing, I've got 99 more.



LauraJ said...

I love nothing more than a quilt all folded up, except when it's wrapped up around the recipient. :) Good Job!! It's gorgeous!!

Katy said...

great work - it's so lovely!!!