Sunday, January 31, 2010

A finished object(s)

Part of my New Year's resolution or rather 'plan for this year' included participating in the NaKniMitMo over on Ravelry. We were to knit a pair of mittens in the month of January. Easy enough. I finished one mitten. But only started on the 15th because I was making a quilt for my Mom for her Birthday.

Here's the quilt I made her.

Mom's Birthday Quilt

And here's my one mitten. It is the Swedish Fish (Ravelry link) pattern by SpillyJane. She's Canadian too! Yay Canada! Hoping to start the other one today.

Swedish Fish Mitten #1 (bottom)


AnnieO said...

Both the purse quilt and the Swedish fish mitten are so well done! Thanks for sharing.

Purple Paisley Patch said...

That mitten is amazing! I don't think I could concentrate enough to get my stitches right. I just like to vague out with the old knit one, purl one. :-)

Jilly's Space said...

What a dear daughter you are! I bet your mother will be thrilled with her quilt.
You are such a beautiful knitter!