Monday, January 25, 2010

Valuable Insight

Things I have learned while re-organizing my sewing room.

I love pencils.
I love notebooks and notepads.
I need to stop buying fabric.
I am not sure I will outlive my ginormous fabric stash.
I enjoy writing lists.
I do not follow to-do lists, just write them.
I enjoy procrastinating.
I have been struggling with the same life goals for 4 years. This one not so fun. But it’s time to take action and get some of those things checked off my to-do list of life.

I am still cleaning.


Katy said...

hmm. I think I might be you.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Too funny, except for the enviable fabric stash I have those problems too. I took apart my hobby room this past week, painted, redoing second hand cabinets, organizing and sorting out my very small collection of fabric. Considering quilting and sewing for my home are two of my favs, my fabric stash is really small.

Purple Paisley Patch said...

OMGoodness, I'm you too! I love stationery, I'm forever buying pens and notepads, but still struggle to find a pen when I'm on the phone and need to write something down, hmmmm, might be coz my house is in chaos.
I probably should stop buying fabric too, my husband certainly thinks so, I can't see it happening tho, there is so much gorgeous fabric to be had! I've started doing some swaps so that I can get new/different fabric but still keep my stash in check, there's an idea for you.
As for procrastination, I'm the Queen! It is my one and only claim to fame, my true calling in life. Shame it isn't really good for much.
Oh, and lists, I love lists. I make lists, I lose lists, I make them again, I leave them at home when I go shopping and forget most of the stuff that was on them. I have little lists of fabric I'd like to add to my stash scattered all around the place. I think if I put them all together they'd make a book! Okay, I think I'll stop prattling on now!
Kelly :-)