Friday, February 19, 2010

52 Fridays Week 8/52

52 Friday's Week 8/52

Seriously! When did it happen?!

Ravelympic Sock progress

I've been knitting away on my socks for the Ravelympics. Turns out they are a titch too small. hmm.. I've since frogged the one with the yellow toe and started over with orange and size 2.25mm needles instead of 2mm. I shoulda know my guage was off. I actually did, but somehow thought it would work out. Lesson learned. Items will not stretch to guage. I also knew that. I will be frogging the other one soon. I have until the 28th to finish them.


a simple quilter said...

sorry your going to have to re-work them...the colors are wonderful...what yarn are you using? and is it a self stripping or are you using a specific pattern?

Holly said...

That is a really cute photo, I love it!

And I'd hate to see you have to re-work those gorgeous socks so I'm offering, out of the sheer goodness of my heart, to take them off your hands if you want - I do have small feet after all! O:)

~Holly xx

Helen said...

LOL! Love that photo of you!!! You are funny!

Canadian Bento said...

Hi there! I work with and am friends with Lisette! Your blog is awesome! I just started quilting, and knitting socks this year! I will keep following and getting ideas for when my skill level catches up!