Friday, April 16, 2010

Knitting Blunder & 52 Fridays Week 16/52

At lunch yesterday I went out to buy a coffee cake to bring to my Thursday night knitting group.

When I left work I had my usual bag, a bag of knitting and a grocery bag with a cake in it. I decided that this was too many bags to manage on the bus. So, while in the elevator (alone) I decided to empty my knitting bag, and put the cake at the bottom of it. This involved grabbing the small rainbow ball of dishcloth cotton, a large tangly ball of dishcloth cotton and holding that between my knees, the project bag containing my shawl in progress under one arm, and a bag of yarn I bought in Toronto to show the ladies at knitting under my other arm. Then of course the elevator door opens and a man in full biking gear (helmet, spandex, yellow jacket) walks in, and looks at ME funny. (he shoulda seen himself!). So not being one to keep things to myself. (i.e. feeling the need to explain myself to random strangers). I told him I was going to knitting and bringing a cake, and trying to move it to the bottom of my bag before we get to to ground floor. Bell rings. We're there. I shove the knitting stuff all in the bag, say "Perfect!" and proceed to strut out of the elevator all proud of myself amazed at my speed and accomplishment this feat!

Then I hear "Whoa! whoa! whoa!" I'm about 10 feet out of the elevator at this point. I turn around and he's holding the ball of rainbow yarn?? I look at the tail coming outta the ball, which is not only trailing behind me the 10 feet attached to the dishcloth in progress that is all safe in my bag, but it's also wrapped around my leg! I thanked him like this is something normal people do every day, and finished my strut out of the lobby.

Then laughed so hard I cried.

52 Fridays Week 16/52

I love Fridays for many reason, two of which are jeans and sneakers.

52 Fridays Week 16/52

Weekend plans

-shopping in the US with my parents
-knitting in the car
-row 10 catch up
-secret project
-placemat swap daydreaming


LJ said...

Omg! I would have been morifiably embarrassed!! Is'nt it fun to laugh at ourselves?? That secret project has me intrigued!

word verification word: Hypera
Definition: The ability to laugh at oneself hysterically!

Natalie Servant said...

Oh, but you shouldn't have left out the part where you made a phone call to explain the situation but were laughing to hard to make sense.