Monday, October 04, 2010

Getting there..

Well, we've got the cats all packed up...

Livy's Packed

Stewie's Packed

and we're getting ready for the move.

The thing is our new place is quite a bit smaller (no craft room), and I'm starting to feel like one of those people on Hoarders.

The Move

This big pile is all crafting stuff. And the craft room is not empty. I think the book box count alone is over 12 now. And I've stopped counting the fabric and yarn boxes. Eeks.

We're moving Friday.

Still to pack:

- The rest of the craft room and mostly everything else.

I may need some backup.

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the packing of the apartment. All banana box chillin' was strictly the idea of the felines pictured. We love kitty cats!

Hi to the visitors from Whitby and Oshawa! We're moving to Whitby!


Helen said...

Sarah! Repeat after me, do NOT count the fabric boxes! Do NOT count the fabric boxes!

Martina said...

Can't wait to have you here!!

Anja said...

And the book boxes are well within the limit. (Last time we moved, I think we had 25 book boxes. Big ones, too)

I second the not counting the fabric boxes, btw. I imagine it's just like yarn. We don't count the yarn. ;o)

Valerie said...

No way! I grew up in Oshawa, then moved to Ottawa for college and never left. My parents and sister are still there...