Friday, October 01, 2010

On the move..

I'm sorry for the long haitus. Things have been crazy.

We finally found a new place to live and will be moving a few things this weekend and shoul be completely moved by next week. In the midst of all that craziness I was working on a few comissions from an old coworker.

I say old coworker because since we are moving over 4 hrs away to a new city (scary), I have had to quit my job. I am hoping to find something that will feed my soul. Here's hoping there's just the perfect creative job out there just waiting for someone like me to fill it!

Here are the commissions.

Commission #1 - a nameplate for a new baby

Commission #1

Commission #2 - a wall quilt

Commission #2

Commission #2 closeup

I also took my last bus ride as a OC Transpo bus pass holder. Had to document that one as I waited for the bus that was 15 minutes late.

Last day as an OC Transpo pass holder.

Also new is that I'm no longer a braceface! Got those pesky braces off, and now have nice straight teeth! Yay!

Talk soon,



Tine said...

Your work is gorgeous -as always! The nameplate is so cute!!
I hope you find the job of your dreams, and I hope you will be happy in your new home!
Good luck friend!!

domoshar said...

Lovely creations, great picture and congrats on the move and your great new job /It will be great!/.
Had a similar teeth affair as a child - feels good! Looks perfect too :)

Helen said...

Love that blue and green wall quilt! Your teeth look beautiful Sarah!

AnnieO said...

Love the hedgehog on the name plate, too adorable. And the colors in the commission wall quilt-what fun. Congrats on your pearly whites--I wore braces for six years (yes, six!) so I remember well what it felt like to get them off. Best of luck in your new digs.

Anja said...

Those aqua colors are utterly stunning!