Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year Friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and A Happy New Year. I'm excited that the new year is upon us and can't wait to see what it brings.

Scrapbusters blocks 4-9

As usual, I plan to participate in a few quilty things.

1. Row10 has now become Bee FF as we will be making blocks for each other this year. This is my favorite group as it contains my real quilting buddies. The fact that I have only met two of them in real life does not mean that they aren't the best quilting friends a girl could have.

2. Sarah and Molly's free piecing study. I am teaming up with Laura and we will swap blocks back and forth. This study is open to anyone, so if you are interested in getting better at wonky liberated quilting, this is for you!ddd (note: i'm not the Sarah that's running this project. It's Krommama.)

3. Scrapbuters Challenge 2011. This is a group that is just challenging each other to make scrap projects. No pressure or deadlines for this one. I'm excited and am currently working on some scrappy wonky blocks that will become one quilt or many small quilty things. Not sure yet. And I think that's the best thing about it. No pressure, just sewing and fun. The photo above is just some of my scrappy blocks.

4. Dear Strawberry Jane. This is my own project that you may remember if you have been a longtime follower. I've been blogging here about my project to complete a "Dear Jane" quilt. This is a reproduction of a quilt containing 225 unique blocks. It's a pile of work. but so pretty.

5. Knitting one sock per month. This is a challenge with my local yarn shop (the Kniterary) knitting group. It will help me get my sock stash down, without taking over my knitting life.

6. Also planning to use a lot of my fabric and yarn stash. I would like all of my yarn to fit in one bin by the end of the year. And I'd like my fabric scraps to go down by at least one bin (I currently have 3 huge bins). I'd also like to make a dent in the yardage.

Since we are now living in a smaller place, the goal is to have more control over the stash in general.

7. Bee Quilts. I am in the process of working on old bee quilts. The most recent is the Row10 Quilt. I have it all pieced and ready to quilt. I plan to combine machine and hand quilting on this one, as it is so special. My house quilt (AQB1) is also ready for quilting, and I am working on piecing together my Ten Make Two blocks as well. So stay tuned for photos of those.

I spend a good part of today looking for my camera. It has vanished, yet the memory card is plugged into the computer, so how far could it really have gone? If you find it, please send it back home. Although it drives me nuts, I miss it and need it to post photos!

I leave you with a mosaic of my favorite projects from 2010. Hopefully next year's mosaic will be even larger, as my sewing mojo has finally returned!!

Favorite Projects from 2010


Ann said...

Happy New Year to you too!
Your commitments sounds good and sane - can I cut'n'paste them for my own list for 2011?? ;) They match pretty well, even if i have not formulated them so clearly anywhere.

I personally look farward to seeing your finished AQB1 quilt. I have some quilting bee projects to finish myself... ahem!!

Natalie Servant said...

Happy New Year! We still miss you. I've got one important question for you though: how big is the one bin you're hoping to get your yarn stash into?

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have a lot of great goals and projects for this year. I love the idea of reducing the number of scrap bins - I promised myself I would keep to 3 and now those three are overflowing and I just keep stuffing them in..... I also love the scrappy wonky blocks, I definitely need to learn how to make them!

Helen said...

Happy new year Sarah!!! And happy belated 30th birthday too! x