Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

To celebrate I'll show you the Love in NYC quilt I made a few years ago.

Love in NYC- Finished

I'd show you the snazzy new Valentine's things I made this year, but I didn't. Am I the only one who only gets the urge to make something for the upcomming holiday on the actual day of said holiday? Must get better at that. I may still make some Valentine's placemats. We will see.

Since my last post I've been making quite a few things.

Two baby quilt comissions.

Baby Quilt order Boy Baby Quilt Order Girl

These make lovely handmade gifts even if you didn't make it yourself. If anyone is interested in getting a quilt made, please contact me.

I've also been working on getting up to date on the block groups I'm in. Only two groups, but it's really easy to get behind schedule. I'm trying to start the year on time!

Bee FF for Laura. She wanted a romantic look to her blocks.

Bee FF January for Laura Block 1

Bee FF January for Laura Block 2

This is also for Laura. We are partners in Sarah and Molly's Free Piecing Study. One of the January blocks is a Log Cabin House. I still need to make a heart block and a mondo bird.

Free Piecing - Log Cabin House for Laura

Knitting has also been occupying a lot of my time. I'm in a sock knitting group with my local shop. It's called Pull Up Your Socks. We are aiming to each make 6 pairs in a year. 1 per month. I'm trying to finish at least a pair per month, but unofficially of course.

These are my December/January Socks

Garter Rib Socks

I also made some zombies.

Tiny Zombies

and a Gnomey for my man. His request.

a gnome in the hand

The patterns for these are from Mochimochi Land. Her stuff is amazing!

I'm going to try and blog more. My Ottawa buddies are giving me a hard time because I don't blog as much. I will admit that lately I've been struggling with blogging. Mostly because I feel like the blogging world is so saturated right now. And it is very hard to compete with all the giveaways and quilt-alongs. What's a girl to do? I'm in no way fishing for comments, but I wonder who's out there reading?

So here's my PSA (public service announcement) If you read a blog, but tend to lurk instead of commenting. Why not comment. Let the person writing know they are not alone. And who know's you might just make some new friends.

Take care friends. Till next time.


Ann said...

Popping out of of my lurkdom here! I love reading your blog and know that there are others out there in blogland that do not need to have an ever-active, sponsor-giveaway frenzied blog, but keeps a blog just like my own!
If All the blogs in my reader posted every day, I would be forced to minimize the number of blogs drastically, which would be such a shame. So just keep doing your stuff, I say :)

louise said...

me too, to the popping out of lurkdom! Hope all is well we miis you in Ottawa. COME BACK!! Thursdays are not the same without you...
Love your blog, keep it up, your quilts are yummy!
Cheers Louise

Jaimee said...

Sarah!! I miss you too. We in Ottawa read your blog because it makes us feel like we are with you again! Visit again soon, love Jaimee

Anonymous said...

Don't stop - I read your blog, and enjoy the view into your crafy world.

Anonymous said...

I third the missing you. Lovely stuff you made, and your zombies are totally adorable (never thought I'd say this). :o)

Natalie Servant said...

Miss you too! And it's great to see your work. I'm so happy you helped me get those spindles.

dmrtn said...

I too am a lurker, faithfully reading your blog. My daughter is a knitter, and lives in Ottawa. Might sound weird, but this makes me feel like we have a connection. I started quilting when my daughter moved so far away from me. Now I make charity quilts, and it makes me feel so good. Sometimes good things come from a difficult change. Also, I love the style of your blog writing. Please don't stop.

Helen said...

I'm reading Sarah!! Just behind...... :)

troy and christina said...

Can I ask what your local knit shop is? I have a sister in Oshawa (and Ottawa, actually, but that is irrelevant) and I would like to know what shops there might be to visit when I'm there. Thanks.

Daintytime said...

I'm trying to knit a pair a month this year too. I fell behind in March only one sock done. Not sure if catch-up is possible at this rate but I'll forge ahead. Good luck to you!

amandajean said...

i'm feeling the same exact way! blog land is SATURATED to the max. and i'm sick of it feeling like a competition. ugh. i know i do it to myself, but it's really sucking the joy out of the whole process.

i'm so very glad to see/hear/read that i'm not alone. so thank you for that. very, very much. :)

amandajean said...

oh! i forgot to say, i HEART your little gnome. it's awesome to the max!

Joni said...

No stop blogging! You are adorable
and your socks are perfection.
I am a quilter, came to your blog
from Fat your gnome.
I sent your blog to a couple of
knitty friends of mine. Cheers!