Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bushfire Quilt Project

I just returned from a fantastic quilting retreat with friends. When I got back, I found out about the devastation that is happening in Australia. The fires are spreading like crazy, and the taking lives and homes of so many people. Feeling rather helpless here in Canada, I found out about Tia and her Bushfire Quilt Project. I have stopped all progress on my other quilt projects to help out as much as I can.

I will make a 25 quilt block top (if not the whole quilt depending on shipping costs), to send. I have also asked my Mom to help out and she will be making blocks and I have the word out to some other quilting friends.

It's times like these that really bring everyone together and I hope to be able to send a quilt hug to someone in need.

Please help out if you are able. If you don't quilt you could make donations to the Red Cross, Salvation Army or Wildlife Victoria.


Helen said...

25 blocks..... Sarah you are a legend! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Helen. I'm hoping to get it done today. I've got some other projects that I'm excited to finish also. It's a long weekend here (Family Day here on Monday)so that means lots of quilting time. :)

Bunny said...

Your Strawberry Jane is going to be beautiful.

Sarah said...

Thank you Bunny. I'm excited. I just finished all of my blocks for the Bushfire Quilt Project. Now to press them and sew them together! :)

Then back to Jane!

magikquilter said...

You have made some gorgeous blocks for the bushfire stars project. Thank you for adding those links for monetary donations as well.

Today my son found out that Borders in Australia are asking people here to donate books they have finished good that the schools and libraries can be restocked ....once they are rebuilt i guess. And for each reclaimed book they donating the retail price of that book...that is amazing!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Sarah, you asked a question over at my blog. you are set up as no-reply so I couldn't email you back. Unfortunately AQS isn't republishing Liberated Quiltmaking. makes me cry. however Gwen is working on a new LQ book. It will be shorter, but at least we'll have more.