Sunday, June 11, 2006

A finished project or two

I realized that I never posted the finished baby quilt. This picture isn't the best (ignore the cat parts) but you'll get the idea.

Baby Quilt

I have been listening to Craftsanity on my ipod while in the sewing room (although the sound of the television is good company, it can also be a HUGE visual distraction). The podcast featuring Violet Clark a folk artist from BC got all of my bright coloured creative juices flowing. Swirling around in my head were the images I'd seen of her home years a go when she was on the TV program Weird Homes, accompanied by the funky shrines I' have seen around and was reminded of when I stumbled across Retro Revamp while digging through my pile of craft books. I had also been thinking about the bright colours of this beautiful sun ornament I bought when we were in Cozumel this past winter.

Sewing Shrine

Since all of these colourful ideas came at me all at once, I figured it may be a sign from the crafting gods. Time to pull out the paint, plastic gemstones, buttons, and all the other forgotten crafty supplies. A shrine for the sewing and quilting gods. For guidance in hand quilting, putting on binding, trying out a challenge, and using my fabric. We'll see how effective it is. :)


LittleMissMeshell said...

Oh WOW! This is mega amazing...I love it! :) You'll never sew a seam the wrong way around or jam your machine again with this smiling down at you :P

Meshell xox

carolyn said...

wow - gorgeous quilt!!