Saturday, June 17, 2006

Obsessed? or Insane?

Thursday near the end of the day at work I decided that I wanted to make myself a mouse pad. After putting up my sewing shrine, I felt like my desk needed even more jazz. The package I received from Kim couldn't have come at a better time. She'll notice that in the picture of my swapping goodies, I didn't include everything. And that is because I used some of it that night.

The colours of my favourite pieces in the package got me going on this design. It finally gave me an idea for using some of this very neat penguin fabric i have. I might go back and get the flamingo stuff too. :)

log cabin mousepad

Because I have an optical mouse, the little bit of texture to the mousepad makes no difference at all. Now we need one for our computer at home. Perhaps a bit more subdued.


Jan said...

Good idea! (And nice colors.)
I just found you through Dioramarama.

melanie said...

Where did you get the penguin fabric - it is fantastic! Lovely site, I'm a quilter too.

computerpeach said...

I love it - too cute!1

Amy said...

Hmmm - A quilt mouse pad. Now that's an idea whose time has come! Happy colors too.

hannah said...

love your mousepad, what a great idea, I want one!

Ibby Bee Quilts said...

You are just adding to my "to do list" by once again making something adorable that I too need to make!:)